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Accident Plan Insurance – Prepare for the Unexpected

Accident insurance provides a lump sum payment based on the accident/injuries sustained; it’s paid directly to you and you decide the best way to spend it.

Features of the Accident Plan include:

  • Cash benefits for expenses that may not be covered under your medical insurance
  • You may purchase the Hospital Sickness Rider that provides benefits for inpatient hospital stays (subject to pre-existing condition limitations)
  • There are no applications or health questions to answer to enroll
  • Coverage is available for your spouse and/or children if you are enrolled
  • There is no limit to the amount of accidents you can claim under the policy (with exception to policy rules)
  • Receive a $50 cash benefit for a covered health screening or for the completion of your preventive care visit (one payout per plan year)
  • You can keep coverage on a direct pay basis if you leave Olympic Steel

Weekly Accident Plan Rates

Coverage Tier Accident Plan Accident Plan with Sickness Rider
Employee Only $2.81 $5.35
EE + Spouse $4.74 $10.73
EE + Child(ren) $5.22 $10.88
Family $7.10 $15.71


Call 800-423-2765 or visit with questions regarding your Life & AD&D Insurance, Accident Insurance and Disability Insurance.