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Virtual Visits – For acute medical conditions or mental health needs, relax and have a virtual office visit with a physician from your phone or computer 24/7.  Skip the waiting room and receive care from the comfort of your home.

UnitedHealthcare partners with three telemedicine vendors:  AmWell, Doctor on Demand and Teladoc.  When you seek care from any of these networks the visit is free of charge.  For some diagnosed conditions the doctor will be able to prescribe and call in medications for you.

To use services you must first register at  Have ready your member ID, your credit card or FSA card and the name and phone number of your pharmacy.  Please note, the visit is at no cost to you but to complete the registration a credit card number may be needed.

Once you are registered, download the UHC app to your smartphone for even quicker access to virtual care.

Click on the links to the right for common uses for virtual visits.